Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829

Petrovsky fair. Bukovinian performance of an international scale.


During the dates of 13-14th of July 2013 in Chernivtsi took place a two-day festival, which brought together young and older generation with its diversity and harmony in a sole "Bukovinian family."

Petrovsky Fair has celebrated the 227th anniversary of its founding. It originated in the age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was a real center of trade not only in Bukovina, but also in the whole South of the Eastern Europe.

Many merchants came here for this performance from dozen of European countries, a lot of significant agreements were signed here, different kinds of population relaxed and had fun here.

This year's purpose of this event was the return to Petrivsky fair its historical magnitude and glory. Therefore, for the second consecutive year this fair, in the recent history of the city, took place in the historic center of the city- that is in those streets and squares, where it happened over a hundred years ago, during the days of its prosperity.

Ancient history, coloring and the scale of this year's Petrovsky fair gave this event the Central European values, and Chernivtsi once again affirmed itself as one of the cultural capitals of Europe.

This performance is one of the largest commercial and entertaining events of the country, the second in its scale and popularity after Sorochynsky fair in Ukraine. Each of the grounds had a separate exhibition theme, where several hundred companies producing a variety of industries, small and medium-sized businesses, not only of the 17 regions of Ukraine, as well as near and far abroad, represented their products and presented them to the general public of this fair.

As part of the fair there was one of Europe's largest international folk festivals – "Bukovinian meetings" in which it has been involved over 500 participants from different countries. Another, equally important, major highlight of the event was the two-day festival of beer and delicious meals, during which the audience expected a lot of fun and a concert of famous Ukrainian musicians.