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MIS-ETC Code: 829



Monument to Paul Celan


GPS (48.283989; 25.93845)
district Chernivtsi
region Pershotravnevy
locality Chernivtsi
category Monuments
year 1 992р.


Bronze monument to German-speaking Jewish poet P. Celan (P. Antschel) was erected in 1992. It is located in the park on Holovna street. The author is sculptor I. Salevych. Presented to the city by Austria residents on the occasion of the Austrian culture days in Ukraine. Childhood and adolescence of the poet are associated with Chernivtsi. Here on Saksahansky street, 5, he lived with his parents. After graduating from gymnasium in Chernivtsi in 1938 Celan studies medicine at the medical school of Tour city in France, but the beginning of the Second World War forces him to return home, where he continued his studies in Chernivtsi university (engages in Romanesque philology). During the occupation he survived the Jewish ghetto. After some time the poet's parents were deported to concentration camp, from where they have not returned. Paul Celan himself gets into Romanian labor camp for forced road works, where, despite the terrible conditions, remains alive. Since 1947 Celan moved to Austria, and in 1948 he moved to Paris (where he lived until his death). In 1952 the first collection of poems of Celan appears, published in France. “Poppy and memory” – elegiac cycle dedicated to the memory of the victims. 1955 marked the release of a new collection of poems “From door to door”. Among the awards of P. Celan, in particular, there is the highest German literary prize named after Georg Buchner.