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The Prominent People Gallery of Falticeni


GPS (47.46533203125; 26.299770355225)
district Suceava
region Fălticeni
locality Fălticeni
category Museums, including the house museums
year 1972
ethnic Romanians


This is a memorial museum which came into existence in the year 1972. The museum is hosted by a house which was built in 1850, which is situated on str. Sucevei, nr. 91, in the centre of the city. The Famous People Gallery is registered in the List of historical monuments of the county of Suceava since 2010. In the second half of the XXth century, in Fălticeni emerged the idea of establishing a museum which should emphasize the importance of this town for the Romanian culture, due to the large number of personalities who were born here, who followed a training or created here. Therefore, under the direct guidance of the writer Eugen Dimitriu, on the 16th of June 1972, the Famous People Gallery, a museum with original and unique designation in Romania, is inaugurated. The place housing the museum was donated by the writers Horia Lovinescu (1917-1983) and Vasile Lovinescu (1905-1984) of Fălticeni, well known personalities of Romanian culture. The house, which dates back from 1850, being considered historical monument, was rehabilitated with funds coming from the local budget, the works being completed at the beginning of 2012. Nearby, there is a building which is an historical monument, the House of Eugen Lovinescu, which dates from the same year. Over time, the memorial fund of the museum gradually increased, the Famous People Gallery becoming a fresco of the life and creation of the Romanian culture, arts and science personalities. The Famous People Gallery presents a series of different documents and exhibits, depicting fragments of the life and activity of over 50 personalities, illustrious people of culture, originating from Fălticeni and the surrounding areas, who lived some of their lives or created in this town: The writers Nicu Gane, Ion Creangă, Nicolae Beldiceanu, Mihail Sadoveanu, Horia Lovinescu, Sofia Cocea, Ion Dragoslav, Anton Holban, Nicolae Labiş, Ion Băeşu, Vasile Savel, Aurel George Stino, Nicolae Jianu, Mihail Şerban, the literary critics and historians Eugen Lovinescu, Vasile Lovinescu, Monica Lovinescu, the folklorists Arthur Gorovei, Mihai Lupescu, Alexandru Vasiliu Tătăruşi, the actors Matei Millo, Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, Jules Cazaban, pictorii Aurel Băeşu, Ştefan Şoldănescu, Dimitrie Hîrlescu, the scientists Dimitrie Leonida, Nicolae Grogoraş and many others. The museum has four rooms in which books, manuscripts, photos, paintings, letters, busts, documents and other exhibits with cultural and historical value are exhibited. Also, the museum houses also the Romanian-American Cultural Centre, financed by the prof. Eliot Sorel, PhD., an American citizen born in Fălticeni.