Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829

Series of three training courses for target groups were completed


Third cycle of trainings on "Historical and ethnographic museum exhibitions, holidays and festivals, as a factor of ethnic tourism in Bukovyna" is over (3 - 5 December 2015). It was the last of the series of trainings for the target audience. The training dealt with the issue of ethnographic holidays and festivals in Bukovyna as factors of ethnic tourism and creating museum exhibitions dedicated to historical and ethnographic heritage.

On the 26-29th of November the cycle of trainings on "Organization of international and regional historical and ethnographic tours in Bukovyna” was held. It highlighted issues of tours and methods of their development, including regional and international tours in Bukovyna.

On the 5-8th of November the cycle of trainings on "Development of tourism infrastructure and organization of tourism in Bukovyna" was held, which discussed the natural and recreational, cultural and historical factors of infrastructure development of tourism in Bukovyna, market research of tourism and excursion flows.