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development of tourism in Bukovina
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Tourism news

Tea festival in the picturesque Vyzhnytsia


On the 24th of October the Tea festival took place in the picturesque Carpathian corner of Bukovina on the Central Square of Vyzhnytsia. There were presented numerous aromatic and tonic herbal teas with Carpathian plants according to ancient recipes of this area, which were found by the students of 24 schools of this district.

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Chernivtsi celebrates the 605 anniversary


The first Saturday of October has traditionally been the landmark date for all residents and visitors of Chernivtsi. This year, residents of Chernivtsi celebrated the City Day on October 5, but the celebration was assigned to be at the first weekend of October that is on October 5-6...

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Petrovsky fair. Bukovinian performance of an international scale.


During the dates of 13-14th of July 2013 in Chernivtsi took place a two-day festival, which brought together young and older generation with its diversity and harmony in a sole

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