Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829

Tea festival in the picturesque Vyzhnytsia


On the 24th of October the Tea festival  took place in the picturesque Carpathian corner of Bukovina on the Central Square of Vyzhnytsia. There were presented numerous aromatic and tonic herbal teas with Carpathian plants according to ancient recipes of this area, which were found by the students of 24 schools of this district.

The most interesting is the fact that tea was served by the same students who were dressed in traditional clothing. Another sweet surprise for the guests of the festival was the feast with homemade cakes and honey.

There was also an exhibition of honey and souvenirs, workshops on flower arranging, Easter eggs, basket weaving and a program of folk bands concert that immersed guests into an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, harmony and holiday.

This festival will be the impetus for the organization of similar tourism events but, perhaps, larger in order to be able to share this holiday with the guests not only of  this area but also of the whole region and the whole Bukovina as well.