Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Power plant building


GPS (48.290565; 25.929985)
district Chernivtsi
region Shevchenkivsky
locality Chernivtsi
category Industrial-historical objects
year 1 897р.


This building was one of the first public ones on Alt street (now – Lesya Ukrayinka street). Competitive conditions for its construction were announced in 1892. It was planned that electric lighting in Chernivtsi would be introduced faster than in Lviv, but it did not happen. The agreement on the construction of power station and tram line was signed in 1895 by the authorized representative of the company “Schukert and K” Rudolf Cohen and Chernivtsi magistrate in the person of Anton Kochanowski and city councilors A. Bekk and B. Baltinester. The city gave the concession rights to use power station for 25 years. The works of the construction of the power plant were conducted under the supervision of engineers Wolf and Ketrin. Overall construction management was conducted by architect Solomon Zalter. The first steam engine (there were 3 in total) was brought from Prague, and from a train station it was carried by nine pairs of horses. The construction was completed in early 1896. On February 12, 1896, the first attempt to illuminate the city theater took place, and officially on February 28, 1896 the power station was put into operation. The “Bukovyna” newspaper then wrote that in 3360 lightbulbs were brought to Chernivtsi, of which 527 were provided to illuminate the theater, 512 – the city, 2315 – for lighting the private homes. Architectural memorial of local significance.