Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Cathedral of the Holy Spirit


GPS (48.287697; 25.936719)
district Chernivtsi
region Pershotravnevy
locality Chernivtsi
category Religious objects
year 1 864р.


The construction began in 1844 under the direction of engineer A. Rholl, continued by engineer Minich. The metropolitan Y. Hakman took an active part in laying the cornerstone. The construction of the cathedral continued until 1863. It was consecrated in July 1864 by the metropolitan Y. Hakman. On the occasion of opening of the cathedral M. Komoroshan wrote a special poem. The temple is built in the tradition of classicism. He has three domes on longitudinal axis, with two bell towers on the flanks of the main facade. Interior painting of the temple (in the style of academicism) was made by a group of artists led by K. Jobst. The bells cast in Kalush in 1861 are installed on the bell towers. The temple operated until the beginning of 60s of the XX century. After closing it was planned to be rebuilt into the palace of sports, then an exhibition of consumer goods and art gallery was placed in it. In 1991 the temple was returned to believers, in March 2006 on its territory the monument to Y. Hakman was opened. Architectural memorial of local significance.