Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Fortified settlement on Tsetsyno mountain


GPS (48.295727; 25.842349)
district Chernivtsi
region Shevchenkivsky
locality Chernivtsi
category Archeological memorable places
year ХІ-ХІІІ ст.


According to archaeological materials (excavations were conducted by Austrian and Soviet scientists), the fort was built in the X century. It was a wooden and earthen fortress with dimensions of 50x40 m, which was protected by ramparts and moats. In the second half of the XIII century in the center of platform a stone donjon tower with diameter of 20 m was built and the system of entrance to settlement was rebuilt. The fortress was originally a guarding point on the outskirts of Lenkivetsky settlement. After the destruction of the latter it has transformed into the fortress of prince, which lasted until the XV century. During excavations at the memorial there were discovered ancient Russian ceramics, weapons and everyday items. The fortification is associated with accidental discovery (1839) of the treasure of 19 silver objects (neck hryvnyas, temporal rings, bracelets, pendants). The fortifications of the settlement are destroyed nowadays, and at its territory in 1959 a television tower was built. Archaeological memorial of local significance.