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MIS-ETC Code: 829



Borodea's Hill


GPS (47.729947; 26.030125)
district Suceava
region Cajvana
locality Cajvana
category Archeological attractions
year Hallstatt D


The necropolis of Cajvana represents a large funeral complex situated on the plateaus on the right side of Suceava valley, on a surface of almost 10-12km. Depending on the land configuration, the areas with a smaller slope were chosen at the end of the first Iron Age (VII-VI centuries BC) to shelter, under the funerary mounds of different size, the remains of those who left this world. The sectors of this complex are, with an estimated number of tombs, the following: Părhăuți - Dealul Poienii – 6 mounds, Cajvana – the corner of Todirești forest – 4 mounds, Cajvana –Borodea's Hill – over 80 mounds, of which 30 can still be seen today, Cajvana –Dumbrăvii Hill – 6 mounds, Cajvana –Mârzii Pit– on mound. Although most of the mounds are flattened and some of them not even can be seen today because of the farming works that have levelled the land, there are also some of large-scale, unaffected by ploughing, because they are situated in the wooded area of Borodea's Hill.