Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



The Wood Art Museum (the old Prefect


GPS (47.531509399414; 25.553884506226)
district Suceava
region C
locality C
category Museums, including the house museums
year 1936
ethnic Romanians


the country. Together with this carriage, it can be seen also the wheels and the evolution of design over years, from the one made of a single piece of wood, cut from a tree trunk, to the one longitudinally cut and until the wheel attached with bungs. It also should be mentioned the bride’s sled which gracefully combines the hammered iron and a wood lamp, whose windows create an ingenious system of counter currents making the candle not to extinguish because of the current. A large number of pasture farming items are exhibited: boxes and riven staves vessels, ladles of all sizes, yew-wood sticks used to shake the coagulated milk, etc. The herdsman’s bats panel is a special exhibit, representing scenes from the herdsman’s life. The agricultural tools are represented by: types of wood plough over two hundred years old, barrels (a vessel used to preserve cereals), small vessels used to keep oil, grape crusher, locks. Another unique item is the top of the small vessel used to keep oil from the Austrian occupation (1775) and on which a bison’s head is being carved. The museum also exhibits a wide range of household items, furniture (some of over 250 years old) and traditional architecture decorations (veranda pillars, house beams, doors). The museum holds also a modern art collection representing wood sculptures made by contemporary plastic artists, many of them originating in these lands.