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Mihail Sadoveanu' House


GPS (47.467010498047; 26.283737182617)
district Suceava
region Fălticeni
locality Fălticeni
category Museums, including the house museums
year 1987
ethnic Romanians


This is a memorial museum established in 1987 in the Municipality of Fălticeni, in the house in which the Romanian writer Mihail Sadoveanu lived between the years 1909-1918. The house was built at the beginning of the XXth century and is situated on str. Ion Creangă, nr. 68, Oprişeni quarter. The house of Mihail Sadoveanu appears in the List of Historical Monuments of Suceava since 2010. The building that is used today as memorial house was built in 1908, based on the plans of the writer Mihail Sadoveanu (1880-1961). "The House on the Hill", as it was known due to its location, was the place where Sadoveanu lived and created for nine years, between 1909 and 1918. The writer spent his adolescence, youth and the first years as a mature person in Fălticeni. He was 38 years old when he had left Fălticeni and a third of his entire literary work was written in this house. Here, in this house, he wrote: ” Evening Tales” and ”Genevieve of Brabant” in 1910, ”The Dead Men's Water” in 1911, ”An Instigator” and ”Bordeienii” in 1912, ” Views of Dobrogea” in 1914, ” The Soimaresti” in 1915, ”44 Days in Bulgaria” in 1916 and ”Bloody pages” in 1917. In 1897, while still being a student in the last year of „Alecu Alecsandru Donici” secondary school of Fălticeni, Mihail Sadoveanu published for the first time, under the literary pseudonym „Mihai from Paşcani”, the sketch called ”Miss M. from Fălticeni, in the humoristic newspaper ”The Devil” from Bucharest. In 1908, after the creation of the Romanian Writers' Society, Mihail sadoveanu was elected its vice-president, and in 1910, when ”Nicu Gane” Coral Society was established, the writer became its president. After Mihail Sadoveanu left for Iasi, his coming and staying in Fălticeni of the past, the present and the future always represented, as he tells us, ”the biggest journey to the places of purity and redemption”. In 1987 the house in which Mihail Sadoveanu lived was converted in memorial museum. Documents, books, photos and personal items belonging to the writer were exhibited here. Each year, in the month of November, the book-lovers meet in Fălticeni, for ”Sadoveanu days”, to pay their tribute to his literary work.