Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Marginea Ethnographic Museum


GPS (47.801136016846; 25.794214248657)
district Suceava
region Marginea
locality Marginea
category Museums, including the house museums
year Sec.XIX
ethnic Romanians


The Ethnographic Museum of Marginea is placed in a house over 100 years old, a true place of stop-over for the guests. Among the object exhibited in the museum, are traditional costumes of the county of Suceava, especially from Rădăuți, traditional costumes used by the inhabitants to the most important events in the life of the village. The tourists have the opportunity to purchase these true treasures of the village. Other objects exhibited by the museum include ceramic articles, fabrics, braided textiles, hampers, beads necklaces, painted eggs, beaded eggs. The specific architecture is completed with wool carpets, sewn by the crafty hands of the women from the village. The ethnographic area of Rădăuți is being characterised by a higher artistic work in all fields of popular art. It's worth mentioning the woven carpets, rustic and small woven carpets with geometric motives and vegetal colours in general. The popular costumes illustrate all types of traditional clothing worn by the inhabitants. Rădăuți area impresses by the furriers' craft represented by the several types of fur coats (sheepskin coat, vest with a flared “skirt”) with a rich ornamentation which emphasizes their cut, with bright colours with vegetables motifs.