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development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Putna Monatery Museum


GPS (47.866065979004; 25.596015930176)
district Suceava
region Putna
locality Putna
category Museums, including the house museums
ethnic Romanians


Putna Monastery had also an important cultural role, proven by the writings which can be seen at the special museum established in the monastery complex. Here the first calligraphers and miniaturists came from Neamț, who used to write during the reign of Stephen ”The Menologion of April” (1467), ”Sayings of St John Chrysostom” (1470), ”Tetraevangelion” (1473) etc. Also, in th early XVth century, the chronicles known as the ”Chronicle of Putna I” and ” Chronicle of Putna II” are copied. Here, a large number of religious objects were created, some of them forming part of the museum’s collection. They include: ”Tetraevangelion from Humor” (1473), which presents a miniature with the prince's face; Maria of Mangup grave covering; the epitaph of the queens Eitimia and Eupraxia (the XIVth century), holiday stole (before 1840) and many other embroideries, icons, books, latches or other objects found by the archeologists.