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development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Hagi House


GPS (47.647407531738; 26.255451202393)
district Suceava
region Suceava
locality Suceava
category Public buildings
year 1900
ethnic Armenians


The house has one floor, being massive, L-shaped, with a 15m facade, east-side oriented. Over the years the house underwent modifications, by the addition of a building comprising the sanitary installations. The inappropriate maintenance of the house and of the sanitary installations in general, determined an avdanced state of degradation, which required the performance of general repair works, which were absolutely necessary, starting with underpinning up to the roof. Before making the repairs, the house had a porch, whose stone consols had each a spiral ended in an achantus leaf and a flower in the middle, ornamental motifs identical to those of the middle console, from the tower-bell from Zamca. Also, the cornice of the house and the separating belt between the ground-floor and the first-floor, made of stone, are elements indicating also an earlier dating. Considering the decorative elements mentioned and the fact that the people of Suceava (boyars or townsfolk) bearing the name of Hagi are listed in documents even from the XVII-XVIIIth centuries, one must assume that this construction is much older than the XIXth century.