Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable
development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



The Astronomical Observatory


GPS (47.642150878906; 26.245157241821)
district Suceava
region Suceava
locality Suceava
category Museums, including the house museums
year 1982
ethnic Romanians


The planetarium from Suceava was inaugurated in 1982 (being the third in the country based on the opening day and the biggest in the country in what the capacity of the hall and the diameter of the vault is concerned) and it has the purpose to ensure the projection of the sky in a particular day, namely the sky from the northern and southern emisphere, the solar system, the visible planets, the galillean stallites, etc. The planterium hall has a semispherical shape, with a vault opening of 10m and a capacity of 80 places in circular arrangement, it was fitted with a SkyMaster ZKP2 projector in the year 1978. It projects the sun, the moon, the planets and approximately 6000 visible stars for the naked eye on the boreal and austral sky, the dynamic image of the Solar System, Jupiter with the galilean satelites, the evolution of Domnati comet, the phenomenon of the falling stars (meteors) and the mouvement of an artificial satelite. The element which makes our planetarium unique in the world is the painting of the master Mircea Hrişcă, representing Suceava city horizon, work which became a true document on the ancient architecture, recreating 3 years old urban details. An important visual and scientific impact it has the model of the Moon - an unique workpiece conceived and created by the geography teacher Neculai D. Isaic.