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development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



The former Water Mill


GPS (47.654159545898; 26.261709213257)
district Suceava
region Suceava
locality Suceava
category Industrial-historical attractions
year 1912
ethnic Austrians


The water mill of Suceava (Wasserwerk der Stadt Suceava) was projected by the eng. Phd. G. Thiem in the field of civil engineering (zivillingenieur) of Leipzig in 1908. It was built by the company „Thiem und Sohne” which was in a contract with the city hall. The complex was finalized and put into use in the year 1912. It was operational until 1960, when it was replaced by a modern station. After this date, the gears were dismantled, the building remaining unused untill today. The water mill is part of a technical complex consisting of 6 constructions, of which 4 (ferrum removal room, clean water well, buried reservoirs and the collector well) being in the patrimony of the Suceava City hall. The water mill is part of the industrial heritage of Suceava city, with an historical, technological, social and architectural significance. Today, the Suceava City hall and the Architects Order from Romania – North-East Branch signed an association contract. The rehabilitation works of the former water mill are still in progress, extended over 3 years, for the purpose of enhancing the value of the former water mill of Suceava City which will become the Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape Centre.