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development of tourism in Bukovina
MIS-ETC Code: 829



Vodă's Pillar


GPS (47.55428314209; 25.670190811157)
district Suceava
region Vama
locality Vama
category Monuments
ethnic Romanians


The monument is situated on the west side of the locality, almost 50m from the road to Vatra Dornei. This is a sandstone monument, looking like a square column, almost 3m high. The column ends in a pyramid hat of the same material as the column. Its construction is owed to the Moldavian prince Mihai Racoviţă and dates back 1717. It was built as a result of the victory the prince had against the Austrian troupes, who wanted to banish him from the throne of Moldavia. Another name under which the column is known is that of Tartars` Cross or Tartars` Rock, two aspects being taken into consideration: the victory of the prince over the Austrian troupes was owed also to the participation of Tartars and the second hypothesis was that, this was the old road used by Tartars to get to the areas they wanted to conquer in the west. The walls of the column were engraved with Cyrillic letters, the description being copied in 1802 by Fotache Iurea. The passing of time over this monument, which had no usage for a while, made that the inscription to be almost indecipherable.